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At Kreations by Kelly, Kelly goes above and beyond for his customers — offering quality services along with top of the line products for you to enjoy. Since 2015, Kreations by Kelly has provided Chestermere with the best products at unbeatable prices.


Kevin Murphy





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Asian Model

- Unknown

"Invest in your hair, its the crown you never take off"

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A Different Kind of Color

Unlike other color lines, ELI Color was designed differently from head to toe using MaxBond technology and pharmaceutical grade components along with natural oils to heal the hair and add remarkable shine.


90 Shades of Fun

With the creation of 90 custom blended shades ELI Color has the color you're after!

Industry Leader

To be a leader in the industry you must be willing to be different

  • 90 exclusive custom blended shades

  • pH controlled cream

  • FlexPower mixing technology allows multiple mixing ratios

  • Maximum control of unwanted pigment

  • MaxBond technology

  • Superior grey coverage with every shade

  • Multiple lightening systems

  • pH↓ regulating activator

Our Products: Products
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